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  1. Photo of Paul Landres

    Paul Landres Director

  2. Photo of John Florea

    John Florea Director

  3. Photo of Andrew Marton

    Andrew Marton Director

  4. Photo of Dick Moder

    Dick Moder Director

  5. Photo of Otto Lang

    Otto Lang Director

  6. Photo of Don McDougall

    Don McDougall Director

  7. Photo of Art Arthur

    Art Arthur Screenplay

  8. Photo of Ivan Tors

    Ivan Tors Screenplay

  9. Photo of Malvin Wald

    Malvin Wald Screenplay

  10. Photo of Marshall Thompson

    Marshall Thompson Cast

  11. Photo of Cheryl Miller

    Cheryl Miller Cast

  12. Photo of Judy the Chimpanzee

    Judy the Chimpanzee Cast

  13. Photo of Hari Rhodes

    Hari Rhodes Cast

  14. Photo of Hedley Mattingly

    Hedley Mattingly Cast

  15. Photo of Yale Summers

    Yale Summers Cast

  16. Photo of Erin Moran

    Erin Moran Cast

  17. Photo of Ross Hagen

    Ross Hagen Cast

  18. Photo of Ron Hayes

    Ron Hayes Cast

  19. Photo of Henri Brown

    Henri Brown Cast

  20. Photo of Robert Doqui

    Robert Doqui Cast

  21. Photo of Doris Dowling

    Doris Dowling Cast

  22. Photo of Jan Clayton

    Jan Clayton Cast