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  1. dionysus67's rating of the film Damage

    I dignify this with inclusion only to stress the sad spectacle of a major auteur in decline. Apart from the deeply sexist (for both women and men) overtones, the utterly ludicrous finale and the wooden performances of Binoche/Irons it features the most badly filmed erotic scenes I have ever witnessed in cinema. Laughable and totally passionless they add to what is a pretentious and ultimately reactionary film. Awful!

  2. kınar's rating of the film Damage

    "herhangi birinden farksızdı."

  3. jaume claret muxart's rating of the film Damage

    The best: Juliete Binoche and the athmosphere The worst: The terrible ending (last 20 minuts)

  4. nurbillurtas's rating of the film Damage

  5. Richmond Hill's rating of the film Damage

    Bang goes the knighthood... A chilly walk down a familiar street. It has a certain elan but it's conventional stuff thematically, modelled here in the coldest marble and peopled with underdeveloped characters who are shunted around like chess pieces with the airiest of indifference. The world depicted seems more than a generation ago with a Britain now much changed, although banging your knighthood away has not...

  6. N. C.'s rating of the film Damage

  7. FISCHER's rating of the film Damage

    Deux excellents comédiens perdus dans ce drame au scénario squelettique dont l'argument se situe entre "Au théâtre ce soir" et "9 semaines 1/2". Nullissime.

  8. anacecil's rating of the film Damage

    Interesante, emociona, intriga. Un elenco excelente y una muy buena produccción

  9. cansu m's rating of the film Damage

    cheating+incest+jeremy irons=DNW

  10. noice's rating of the film Damage

    lmfao @52 mins in.. like no one on set was like 'yo maybe we should chill.....'

  11. Balthaz21's rating of the film Damage

  12. Mr.Pacha's rating of the film Damage

  13. Cherry's rating of the film Damage

    This was so disappointing- I don't understand MUBI at times- this has a 3.2* average and so many better films are way down in the 2.5* range. I mean I guess it's all very subjective and I did think the beginning showed promise. Meh.

  14. HAD!L's rating of the film Damage

    3.5 an ultimate 90's film.

  15. Fabio Osvaldo Carta's rating of the film Damage

  16. Andrew Miller's rating of the film Damage

    Tawdry and superficial, but honestly I rather enjoyed wallowing in this.

  17. Shōten's rating of the film Damage

  18. @jchristiaan's rating of the film Damage

    Oh Juliette Binoche, je t'aime!

  19. Chuck Vollers's rating of the film Damage

    Hilarious. The big reveal towards the end of the picture (don't want to spoil anything) is one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. It's still not enough to make up for the boredom of the rest of the picture though.

  20. Roy Deckard's rating of the film Damage

    Great directing and story-telling, amazing performances. And although this film is one of my top favourites because of Irons and Binoche's tragic love story, I really find myself amazed by Richardson's performance.

  21. Andra's rating of the film Damage

    damaged people are dangerous. they know they can survive.

  22. NICOLE86's rating of the film Damage

    Its not romantic in any way.The two main characters were selfish and I hated them while watching it and did not want them to have happiness. But isn't that the main underlying for some affairs Selfishness?

  23. Después del invierno, invierno....'s rating of the film Damage

    I think that Louis Malle prefectly encapsulated what a dangerously intense love affair is. Binoche, playing an emotionally broken, powerfully sensual, and mysterious character. The magnetism between Irons and Binoche is so potent, that it reaches out and abruptly pulls you in, and all of a sudden, you are there. It was brilliant. Then again, It IS Louis MAlle we are talking about...

  24. Brad S.'s rating of the film Damage

    A fascinating sequel to Invasion of the Body Snatchers. In an attempt to simulate human behavior, two pod people go about attempting to mimic an illicit affair. There’s some aerobics that vaguely resemble sex and I would have thought the acting was ridiculously mannered had they been portraying characters who beared any resemblance to actual people.

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