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  1. Photo of Ugo Liberatore

    Ugo Liberatore Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ottavio Alessi

    Ottavio Alessi Screenplay

  3. Photo of Roberto Gandus

    Roberto Gandus Screenplay

  4. Photo of Domenico Rafele

    Domenico Rafele Screenplay

  5. Photo of Renato Cestiè

    Renato Cestiè Cast

  6. Photo of Rena Niehaus

    Rena Niehaus Cast

  7. Photo of Yorgo Voyagis

    Yorgo Voyagis Cast

  8. Photo of Fabio Gamma

    Fabio Gamma Cast

  9. Photo of José Quaglio

    José Quaglio Cast

  10. Photo of Ely Galleani

    Ely Galleani Cast

  11. Photo of Angela Covello

    Angela Covello Cast

  12. Photo of Lorraine De Selle

    Lorraine De Selle Cast

  13. Photo of Olga Karlatos

    Olga Karlatos Cast

  14. Photo of Bettine Milne

    Bettine Milne Cast

  15. Photo of Tom Felleghy

    Tom Felleghy Cast

  16. Photo of Linda Larsen

    Linda Larsen Cast

  17. Photo of Jacqueline Kluger

    Jacqueline Kluger Cast

  18. Photo of Francesca Bosco

    Francesca Bosco Cast

  19. Photo of Tiziana Cipelletti

    Tiziana Cipelletti Cast

  20. Photo of Gloria Bozzola

    Gloria Bozzola Cast

  21. Photo of Renzo Martini

    Renzo Martini Cast

  22. Photo of Alfio Contini

    Alfio Contini Cinematography

  23. Photo of Pino Donaggio

    Pino Donaggio Music

  24. Photo of Sergio Canevari

    Sergio Canevari Production Design

  25. Photo of Luigi Borghese

    Luigi Borghese Producer

  26. Photo of Armando Todaro

    Armando Todaro Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Alberto Gallitti

    Alberto Gallitti Editing