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  1. Photo of Don Letts

    Don Letts Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Rick Elgood

    Rick Elgood Director

  3. Photo of Suzanne Fenn

    Suzanne Fenn Screenplay and Editing

  4. Photo of Ed Wallace

    Ed Wallace Screenplay

  5. Photo of Audrey Reid

    Audrey Reid Cast

  6. Photo of Paul Campbell

    Paul Campbell Cast

  7. Photo of Carl Davis

    Carl Davis Cast

  8. Photo of Mark Danvers

    Mark Danvers Cast

  9. Photo of Carl Bradshaw

    Carl Bradshaw Cast and Producer

  10. Photo of Cherine Anderson

    Cherine Anderson Cast

  11. Photo of Pauline Stone Myrie

    Pauline Stone Myrie Cast

  12. Photo of Patrice Harrison

    Patrice Harrison Cast

  13. Photo of Anika Grason

    Anika Grason Cast

  14. Photo of Donald Thompson

    Donald Thompson Cast

  15. Photo of Henry Brown

    Henry Brown Cast

  16. Photo of Michael London

    Michael London Cast

  17. Photo of Beenie Man

    Beenie Man Cast

  18. Photo of Lady Saw

    Lady Saw Cast

  19. Photo of Ronald Goshop

    Ronald Goshop Cast

  20. Photo of Marlon King

    Marlon King Cast

  21. Photo of Rosario Pardo

    Rosario Pardo Cast

  22. Photo of Louis Mulvey

    Louis Mulvey Cinematography

  23. Photo of Wally Badarou

    Wally Badarou Music

  24. Photo of Carolyn Pfeiffer

    Carolyn Pfeiffer Producer