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Ratings & Reviews

  1. orangey's rating of the film A Borrowed Identity

    shattering portrayal of the inequalities and racism thta stands at the basis of Israeli society

  2.'s rating of the film A Borrowed Identity

    Die komplexen wechselseitigen Beziehungen zwischen Juden und Palästinensern benutzt Dancing Arabs für die Geschichte von Eyad: Einem Araber, der einen Grund findet, "jüdisch" zu sein... mehr auf

  3. arlinda's rating of the film A Borrowed Identity

    Nuanced storytelling of a dramatic coming of age. The intermingling of the self and its shadow in both the personal and the political sphere are so seamlessly rendered, you want to follow the torn character in that twisted path.

  4. Carlos Filipe Freitas's rating of the film A Borrowed Identity

    Mr. Riklis’ unnerving filmmaking style didn't smother the several critical points that are brought up about the conflict, turning the film into a bittersweet experience that leads to a variety of distinct feelings and sensations like sadness, loss, compassion, and liberation. (3.5 stars)

  5. El Biffo's rating of the film A Borrowed Identity

    A delicate story that treats tough issues with great humor and even handedness. The title of this film has actually been changed to "A Borrowed Identity"; it's about an Arab-Israeli student who borrows the I.D. of a Jewish friend, and assumes his identity because he is tired of being treated like an Arab. Instead of focusing on this mutual animosity, Riklis relishes in the humor that can be found, and the love, too.