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  1. Photo of John Paddy Carstairs

    John Paddy Carstairs Director

  2. Photo of Brock Williams

    Brock Williams Screenplay

  3. Photo of Peter Fraser

    Peter Fraser Screenplay

  4. Photo of Richard Attenborough

    Richard Attenborough Cast

  5. Photo of Barry K. Barnes

    Barry K. Barnes Cast

  6. Photo of Sheila Sim

    Sheila Sim Cast

  7. Photo of Garry Marsh

    Garry Marsh Cast

  8. Photo of John Warwick

    John Warwick Cast

  9. Photo of Judy Kelly

    Judy Kelly Cast

  10. Photo of Barry Jones

    Barry Jones Cast

  11. Photo of Bill Owen

    Bill Owen Cast

  12. Photo of Cyril Chamberlain

    Cyril Chamberlain Cast

  13. Photo of Peter Croft

    Peter Croft Cast

  14. Photo of Dirk Bogarde

    Dirk Bogarde Cast

  15. Photo of Patricia Dainton

    Patricia Dainton Cast

  16. Photo of Diana Dors

    Diana Dors Cast

  17. Photo of Danny Green

    Danny Green Cast

  18. Photo of Joy Harington

    Joy Harington Cast

  19. Photo of Hamish Menzies

    Hamish Menzies Cast

  20. Photo of Johnnie Schofield

    Johnnie Schofield Cast

  21. Photo of John Salew

    John Salew Cast

  22. Photo of Bartlett Mullins

    Bartlett Mullins Cast

  23. Photo of Norman Shelley

    Norman Shelley Cast

  24. Photo of Harry Terry

    Harry Terry Cast

  25. Photo of Dennis Wyndham

    Dennis Wyndham Cast

  26. Photo of Reginald H. Wyer

    Reginald H. Wyer Cinematography

  27. Photo of Benjamin Frankel

    Benjamin Frankel Music

  28. Photo of Andrew Mazzei

    Andrew Mazzei Production Design

  29. Photo of Harry Moore

    Harry Moore Production Design

  30. Photo of James A. Carter

    James A. Carter Producer

  31. Photo of Anthony Nelson Keys

    Anthony Nelson Keys Producer

  32. Photo of Eily Boland

    Eily Boland Editing