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Picture of James Devereaux
Picture of Andrea Rizzo Pinna

Andrea Rizzo Pinna


Bava si dimostra, come sempre, un artista brillante e versatile. Dirige, con maestranza e rispetto per il personaggio, un prototipo dell'odierno cinecomix. Per gli amanti della cultura pop dei primi '70. Un gioiello da riscoprire.

Picture of Coheed 2.5

Coheed 2.5


Now I have Mike Patton's version of the theme "Deep Down" stuck in my head.

Picture of Nelson Núñez

Nelson Núñez


La película es toda pop y psicodelia. El diseño de producción oscila con enorme gracia entre lo kitsch y lo sofisticado. Mario Bava maneja con desparpajo las elipsis y las situaciones más extravagantes. Una experiencia divertida y placentera.

Picture of Jaspar Lamar Crabb
Picture of ElTigreNegro



A ton of fun, between Bava's rich visual camera and Morricone's groovy score. I like the idea of the bad guys being mostly bored rich guys with nothing better to do than walking around in their castles and hidden caves.

Picture of Coheed 2.5

Coheed 2.5


Link to a review here -

Picture of Enric Sarrado

Enric Sarrado


Based on the comic of the same name it's just an explotation movie, but when you see Mario Bava on the credits as a director you expect great filmography and the film delivers it. The crappy plot goes along with great shots/sequences, a decent soundtrack and a good group of actors with Piccoli or Celi among them. If Britain had Bond and France Fantômas, then Italy had Diabolik. Enjoyable.

Picture of Guillermo Padilla

Guillermo Padilla


Con una construccion atipica del villano/heroe y un universo que nos recuerda a James Bond hecho a la Italiana, es una joya de culto de este genero, con momentos épicos, excelente musica de Morricone, mujeres hermosas y un buen toque de Space Age, clasica!

Picture of Xesus Duarte Patiño Rumbo
Picture of Matt Burgess

Matt Burgess


God, this movie makes me insanely happy, its like one big hit of "exhilaration gas"! Diabolik and Eva are my fucking heroes. Bava captures the joyous, dizzying ridiculousness of comic books and pulp novels better than any bloated Hollywood blockbuster - his best by far. Ennio Morricone's score is, as usual, glorious 60s kitsch genius that I can't stop listening to.

Picture of Mugino



Campy and strange, like lobster thermidor cooked in a microwave with Cheez Whiz.

Picture of Daeron



"Pulp, pulp," said the Italian and tilted his camera.

Picture of Viktor Pedersen

Viktor Pedersen


An extremely fun and cheesy movie. Great to watch with fellow film geeks. To bad the story-line ends after one hour and ten min, because the last bit really drags on.

Picture of danhofstra



I literally just came back from a screening of this at my university and I have to say I was amazed by it. Such a hilarious, strange and wild super hero film and probably one of the best.

Picture of (Queen of the Mods)
Picture of Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie


I remember the MST3K version of this, which is a fond memory from my short youth.

Picture of Koalacanth



Fantastically weird anti-hero action flick with minimal dialogue and lots of sixties flash.

Picture of PETE GCDB



Bava at his best!