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  1. Photo of Patrick McGoohan

    Patrick McGoohan Director and Cast

  2. Photo of Michael Truman

    Michael Truman Director

  3. Photo of Peter Graham Scott

    Peter Graham Scott Director

  4. Photo of Charles Frend

    Charles Frend Director

  5. Photo of Seth Holt

    Seth Holt Director

  6. Photo of Terry Bishop

    Terry Bishop Director

  7. Photo of Anthony Bushell

    Anthony Bushell Director

  8. Photo of Clive Donner

    Clive Donner Director

  9. Photo of Peter Maxwell

    Peter Maxwell Director

  10. Photo of Charles Crichton

    Charles Crichton Director

  11. Photo of Don Chaffey

    Don Chaffey Director

  12. Photo of Robert Day

    Robert Day Director

  13. Photo of Philip Leacock

    Philip Leacock Director

  14. Photo of Quentin Lawrence

    Quentin Lawrence Director

  15. Photo of Jeremy Summers

    Jeremy Summers Director

  16. Photo of Peter Yates

    Peter Yates Director

  17. Photo of Stuart Burge

    Stuart Burge Director

  18. Photo of Pat Jackson

    Pat Jackson Director

  19. Photo of George Pollock

    George Pollock Director

  20. Photo of Ralph Smart

    Ralph Smart Screenplay, Director Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Brian Clemens

    Brian Clemens Screenplay

  22. Photo of Ian Stuart Black

    Ian Stuart Black Screenplay

  23. Photo of John Roddick

    John Roddick Screenplay

  24. Photo of Jo Eisinger

    Jo Eisinger Screenplay

  25. Photo of Marc Brandell

    Marc Brandell Screenplay

  26. Photo of Jack Whittingham

    Jack Whittingham Screenplay

  27. Photo of Wilfred Greatorex

    Wilfred Greatorex Screenplay

  28. Photo of Donald Johnson

    Donald Johnson Screenplay

  29. Photo of Philip Broadley

    Philip Broadley Screenplay

  30. Photo of Malcolm Hulke

    Malcolm Hulke Screenplay

  31. Photo of David Stone

    David Stone Screenplay

  32. Photo of Tony Williamson

    Tony Williamson Screenplay

  33. Photo of Norman Hudis

    Norman Hudis Screenplay

  34. Photo of Brendan J. Stafford

    Brendan J. Stafford Cinematography

  35. Photo of Edwin Astley

    Edwin Astley Music

  36. Photo of Lionel Couch

    Lionel Couch Production Design

  37. Photo of Sidney Cole

    Sidney Cole Producer

  38. Photo of Aida Young

    Aida Young Producer

  39. Photo of Derek Hyde-Chambers

    Derek Hyde-Chambers Editing

  40. Photo of John Glen

    John Glen Editing

  41. Photo of Lee Doig

    Lee Doig Editing

  42. Photo of Peter Pitt

    Peter Pitt Editing