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  1. Photo of Ane Mette Ruge

    Ane Mette Ruge Director

  2. Photo of Jacob F. Schokking

    Jacob F. Schokking Director

  3. Photo of Susanna Edwards

    Susanna Edwards Director

  4. Photo of David Blair

    David Blair Director

  5. Photo of Morten Skallerud

    Morten Skallerud Director

  6. Photo of Gusztáv Hámos

    Gusztáv Hámos Director

  7. Photo of Monika Treut

    Monika Treut Director

  8. Photo of Lars Nørgård

    Lars Nørgård Director

  9. Photo of Anne Wivel

    Anne Wivel Director

  10. Photo of Krzysztof Zanussi

    Krzysztof Zanussi Director

  11. Photo of Marc Hawker

    Marc Hawker Director and Screenplay

  12. Photo of Franz Ernst

    Franz Ernst Director

  13. Photo of Mani Kaul

    Mani Kaul Director

  14. Photo of Steen Møller Rasmussen

    Steen Møller Rasmussen Director

  15. Photo of Vibeke Vogel

    Vibeke Vogel Director

  16. Photo of Zhang Yuan

    Zhang Yuan Director

  17. Photo of Dušan Makavejev

    Dušan Makavejev Director

  18. Photo of Jaime Humberto Hermosillo

    Jaime Humberto Hermosillo Director

  19. Photo of Sofie Gråbøl

    Sofie Gråbøl Self

  20. Photo of Karolina Lidin

    Karolina Lidin Producer

  21. Photo of Mika Kaurismäki

    Mika Kaurismäki Editing, Director, and Screenplay