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  1. Photo of Marek Skrobecki

    Marek Skrobecki Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Stefan Aeby

    Stefan Aeby Music

  3. Photo of Marcin Jasinski

    Marcin Jasinski Production Design

  4. Photo of Marta Pluciennik

    Marta Pluciennik Production Design

  5. Photo of Szymon Rosol

    Szymon Rosol Production Design

  6. Photo of Jacek Spychalski

    Jacek Spychalski Production Design

  7. Photo of Magdalena Surmacz

    Magdalena Surmacz Production Design

  8. Photo of Luc Toutounghi

    Luc Toutounghi Producer

  9. Photo of Zbigniew Zmudzki

    Zbigniew Zmudzki Producer

  10. Photo of Janusz Czubak

    Janusz Czubak Editing

  11. Photo of Florian Pittet

    Florian Pittet Sound and Music