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  1. Photo of Harry Lachman

    Harry Lachman Director

  2. Photo of Dante Alighieri

    Dante Alighieri Screenplay

  3. Photo of Philip Klein

    Philip Klein Screenplay

  4. Photo of Robert Yost

    Robert Yost Screenplay

  5. Photo of Lou Breslow

    Lou Breslow Screenplay

  6. Photo of Lester Cole

    Lester Cole Screenplay

  7. Photo of Rose Franken

    Rose Franken Screenplay

  8. Photo of Henry Johnson

    Henry Johnson Screenplay

  9. Photo of Sol M. Wurtzel

    Sol M. Wurtzel Producer

  10. Photo of R.H. Bassett

    R.H. Bassett Music

  11. Photo of Peter Brunelli

    Peter Brunelli Music

  12. Photo of Hugo Friedhofer

    Hugo Friedhofer Music

  13. Photo of Samuel Kaylin

    Samuel Kaylin Music

  14. Photo of Rudolph Maté

    Rudolph Maté Cinematography

  15. Photo of Alfred DeGaetano

    Alfred DeGaetano Editing

  16. Photo of Duncan Cramer

    Duncan Cramer Production Design

  17. Photo of David S. Hall

    David S. Hall Production Design

  18. Photo of George Leverett

    George Leverett Sound

  19. Photo of Spencer Tracy

    Spencer Tracy Cast

  20. Photo of Claire Trevor

    Claire Trevor Cast

  21. Photo of Henry B. Walthall

    Henry B. Walthall Cast

  22. Photo of Alan Dinehart

    Alan Dinehart Cast

  23. Photo of Scotty Beckett

    Scotty Beckett Cast

  24. Photo of Robert Gleckler

    Robert Gleckler Cast

  25. Photo of Rita Hayworth

    Rita Hayworth Cast

  26. Photo of Gary Leon

    Gary Leon Cast

  27. Photo of Willard Robertson

    Willard Robertson Cast

  28. Photo of Morgan Wallace

    Morgan Wallace Cast

  29. Photo of Don Ameche

    Don Ameche Cast

  30. Photo of George Irving

    George Irving Cast