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  1. Photo of Orestis Laskos

    Orestis Laskos Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Longus

    Longus Screenplay

  3. Photo of Apollon Marsyas

    Apollon Marsyas Cast

  4. Photo of Loucy Matli

    Loucy Matli Cast

  5. Photo of Giannis Avlonitis

    Giannis Avlonitis Cast

  6. Photo of Grigoris Georgiadis

    Grigoris Georgiadis Cast

  7. Photo of Korina Hatzimihelaki

    Korina Hatzimihelaki Cast

  8. Photo of Giangos Lambrakis

    Giangos Lambrakis Cast

  9. Photo of Evangelos Menexis

    Evangelos Menexis Cast

  10. Photo of Kostas Palaiologos

    Kostas Palaiologos Cast

  11. Photo of G. Pavlopoulos

    G. Pavlopoulos Cast

  12. Photo of Marika Raftopoulou

    Marika Raftopoulou Cast

  13. Photo of D. Sousamlis

    D. Sousamlis Cast

  14. Photo of Timos Vitsoris

    Timos Vitsoris Cast

  15. Photo of Marika Xanthaki

    Marika Xanthaki Cast

  16. Photo of Dimitris Meravidis

    Dimitris Meravidis Cinematography

  17. Photo of Agis Asteriadis

    Agis Asteriadis Music

  18. Photo of Tassos Meletopoulos

    Tassos Meletopoulos Production Design

  19. Photo of Giannis Karajopoulos

    Giannis Karajopoulos Producer

  20. Photo of Dimitris Raptidis

    Dimitris Raptidis Producer