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  1. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Daredevil

    It just wants too much and want to cram 300 issues of comics into one film. I actually liked Ben Affleck as Matt Murdoch but the problem is that no characters are really that developed and everything looks half-finished. While the director's cut is marginally better and I like that the film at least represent some of the best moments from Frank Miller's comic run, even if it never really clicks. A failed pleasure.

  2. João R's rating of the film Daredevil

    I saw the Director's Cut and it's not great but, ignoring the fact that Marvel's realms fascinate me (for some odd reason), I relished the darker tone of this one - and, of course, the inclusion of Elektra's storyline promoted to keep it sustained.

  3. steeeeellaaaaa (Iulia N)'s rating of the film Daredevil

    I only gave it 3 stars because of the nostalgic memories of when I used to watch this and Electra and Ghost Rider on TV

  4. DenoResandono's rating of the film Daredevil

    At least, the Director's Cut is a little bit better than the Theatrical cut...

  5. Ethan's rating of the film Daredevil

    This movie has a lot of problems but it still has some entertainment value. Affleck redeemed himself with Batman vs. Superman and Daredevil got the treatment it deserved in the Netflix series.

  6. Dogukan4Ever's rating of the film Daredevil

  7. Post Organic's rating of the film Daredevil

    Sucks ass. The new netflix series is such an improvement.

  8. Mark O. Stack's rating of the film Daredevil

    Ben Affleck chews up painkillers, pulls out a cracked tooth, and walks around with a load of scar tissue early in this movie. The physical toll is made apparent pretty quickly. I wish he'd carried that into his performance throughout the entire movie.

  9. James Mackin's rating of the film Daredevil

    There's an extended cut which is a lot better.

  10. Mariana Mara Nascimento's rating of the film Daredevil

  11. Gonçalo Rosas's rating of the film Daredevil

    (Generous) 3 - The fact that the much-touted director's cut is this fucking pedestrian almost makes me want to see the theatrical cut out of morbid curiosity. Duncan (and Farrell, somewhat) is a blast to watch, and the whole thing is mostly coherent, but it's peppered with nonsense and what seems like a laundry list of the most cringeworthy scenes in the genre. Do watch the pretty good 2015 Netflix TV series, though.

  12. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Daredevil

    Pathetic superhero. Not quite Batman, not quite Spiderman. Disabled, his kingdom doesn't exceed the limits of his neighborhood and he brings to justice only the bad guys who won their trial. Rather cheap, no? Luckily the bad guys, Farrell and Duncan, are more interesting than he is. Already forgotten.

  13. Tiagojeff's rating of the film Daredevil

  14. elMar81's rating of the film Daredevil

    Rispetto al fumetto il film manca forse della poesia e pathos che caratterizza appunto l'opera cartacea. Si pensi che dalla stessa penna è uscito il Cavaliere Oscuro e che tipo di film ne hanno tirato fuori. Nel complesso rende l'idea del supereroe di turno e se sono d'accordo con chi dice che un Kingpin più in linea con quello Marvel avrebbe aiutato di più.

  15. Brentos's rating of the film Daredevil

    this film isn't even worth me rating

  16. emichan's rating of the film Daredevil

    Ben Affleck seriously took the role of Batman after this dud?

  17. eek's rating of the film Daredevil

    the director's cut is good

  18. Ryuu Baron's rating of the film Daredevil

    Watch only the director's cut.

  19. Marcus Killerby's rating of the film Daredevil

    Whilst a fairly mediocre imagining of the really good comics (especially the Alan Moore ones), it is a very enjoyable movie... Every single scene is an action scene. This is one of my guilty pleasures and therefore is a 3 star movie.

  20. Blue K, Custodian of the Cinema's rating of the film Daredevil

    This doesn't even deserve a click on my mouse, but watching it got me laid so I have to give it at least one star. I think I'd still be a virgin if I only watched Tarkovsky and Ozu films. Take that, Andrei and Yasujiro.

  21. Zachary Phillip Brailsford's rating of the film Daredevil

    To be completely fair, I think everyone should check out the director's cut of this film, which is much, MUCH better. It saddens me to know that people who hate the original probably won't take the time to see something that I think is incredibly worth watching. Savvy