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  1. Photo of Charles Preece

    Charles Preece Screenplay

  2. Photo of Dario Argento

    Dario Argento Cast

  3. Photo of Asia Argento

    Asia Argento Cast

  4. Photo of John Carpenter

    John Carpenter Cast

  5. Photo of Alice Cooper

    Alice Cooper Cast

  6. Photo of Piper Laurie

    Piper Laurie Cast

  7. Photo of Jessica Harper

    Jessica Harper Cast

  8. Photo of Keith Emerson

    Keith Emerson Cast

  9. Photo of Claudio Argento

    Claudio Argento Cast

  10. Photo of Tom Savini

    Tom Savini Cast

  11. Photo of George A. Romero

    George A. Romero Cast

  12. Photo of Daria Nicolodi

    Daria Nicolodi Cast

  13. Photo of William Lustig

    William Lustig Cast

  14. Photo of Janne Schack

    Janne Schack Producer

  15. Photo of Steve Ayton

    Steve Ayton Producer

  16. Photo of Richard Journo

    Richard Journo Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Nicky Davies Williams

    Nicky Davies Williams Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Scott Donaldson

    Scott Donaldson Music

  19. Photo of Stephen Reid

    Stephen Reid Music

  20. Photo of Leon Ferguson

    Leon Ferguson Editing and Director

  21. Photo of Sandy Fellerman

    Sandy Fellerman Sound

  22. Photo of Danny McCullough

    Danny McCullough Sound