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  1. Photo of Gene Fallaize

    Gene Fallaize Director

  2. Photo of Gene Fallaize

    Gene Fallaize Screenplay

  3. Photo of Tony Cook

    Tony Cook Screenplay

  4. Photo of Scott Spiegel

    Scott Spiegel Screenplay

  5. Photo of Marcus Ako

    Marcus Ako Screenplay

  6. Photo of Geoff Boyle

    Geoff Boyle Cinematography

  7. Photo of Gene Fallaize

    Gene Fallaize Producer

  8. Photo of Damian Knight

    Damian Knight Editing

  9. Photo of Tony Cook

    Tony Cook Producer

  10. Photo of Joseph Bennie

    Joseph Bennie Music

  11. Photo of Tara Reid

    Tara Reid Cast

  12. Photo of Sean Young

    Sean Young Cast

  13. Photo of Bruce Campbell

    Bruce Campbell Cast

  14. Photo of Nathan Jones

    Nathan Jones Cast

  15. Photo of Hélène Cardona

    Hélène Cardona Cast

  16. Photo of Mackenzie Crook

    Mackenzie Crook Cast

  17. Photo of Adam Rothenberg

    Adam Rothenberg Cast

  18. Photo of Jillian Murray

    Jillian Murray Cast

  19. Photo of Virginia Hey

    Virginia Hey Cast

  20. Photo of Paul Blackthorne

    Paul Blackthorne Cast

  21. Photo of Mhairi Calvey

    Mhairi Calvey Cast

  22. Photo of Brian Blessed

    Brian Blessed Cast

  23. Photo of Jack O'Halloran

    Jack O'Halloran Cast

  24. Photo of Jimmy Vee

    Jimmy Vee Cast

  25. Photo of Stephen Marcus

    Stephen Marcus Cast

  26. Photo of Phill Martin

    Phill Martin Cast

  27. Photo of Simon Fisher-Becker

    Simon Fisher-Becker Cast

  28. Photo of Robert Nairne

    Robert Nairne Cast

  29. Photo of Julian Seager

    Julian Seager Cast

  30. Photo of Serena Lorien

    Serena Lorien Cast

  31. Photo of Gene Fallaize

    Gene Fallaize Cast

  32. Photo of Tony Cook

    Tony Cook Cast

  33. Photo of Wayne Gordon

    Wayne Gordon Cast

  34. Photo of Vivien Taylor

    Vivien Taylor Cast

  35. Photo of Andrew McIntosh

    Andrew McIntosh Cast