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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Jason's rating of the film Dark City

    Especially notable for presenting not-so-young upstart Heston as a thoroughly detestable lunkhead. A total prick, in fact, whose bogus redemption is rushed and absurd. Lizabeth Scott is a codependent wreck. It is creepy and dispiriting, but that was them times. There is still something about this film I like. I always like the noirs that suggest that the men who emerge from war are often broken, awful casks.

  2. oldfilmsflicker's rating of the film Dark City

    how does this fit in the Hays Code if it is DEFINITELY Heston's fault that Defore kills himself and he gets off pretty much scott free at the end?!

  3. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Dark City

    First Film Noir starring Charlton Heston. Incredible how Dieterle's touch is palpable here. His taste for psychoanalysis can be felt through the whole film. Highly recommended.