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  1. Photo of Jack Cardiff

    Jack Cardiff Director and Cinematography

  2. Photo of Ranald MacDougall

    Ranald MacDougall Screenplay

  3. Photo of Adrian Spies

    Adrian Spies Screenplay

  4. Photo of Rod Taylor

    Rod Taylor Cast

  5. Photo of Yvette Mimieux

    Yvette Mimieux Cast

  6. Photo of Peter Carsten

    Peter Carsten Cast

  7. Photo of Jim Brown

    Jim Brown Cast

  8. Photo of Kenneth More

    Kenneth More Cast

  9. Photo of André Morell

    André Morell Cast

  10. Photo of Olivier Despax

    Olivier Despax Cast

  11. Photo of Guy Deghy

    Guy Deghy Cast

  12. Photo of Bloke Modisane

    Bloke Modisane Cast

  13. Photo of Calvin Lockhart

    Calvin Lockhart Cast

  14. Photo of Alan Gifford

    Alan Gifford Cast

  15. Photo of David Bauer

    David Bauer Cast

  16. Photo of Murray Kash

    Murray Kash Cast

  17. Photo of John Serret

    John Serret Cast

  18. Photo of Danny Daniels

    Danny Daniels Cast

  19. Photo of Alex Gradussov

    Alex Gradussov Cast

  20. Photo of Paul Jantzen

    Paul Jantzen Cast

  21. Photo of David Lomas

    David Lomas Cast

  22. Photo of Monique Lucas

    Monique Lucas Cast

  23. Photo of Emery J. Ujvari

    Emery J. Ujvari Cast

  24. Photo of Edward Scaife

    Edward Scaife Cinematography

  25. Photo of Jacques Loussier

    Jacques Loussier Music

  26. Photo of Elliot Scott

    Elliot Scott Production Design

  27. Photo of George Englund

    George Englund Producer

  28. Photo of Ernest Walter

    Ernest Walter Editing