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  1. Photo of Julio César Ticona

    Julio César Ticona Cast

  2. Photo of Narciso Choquecallata

    Narciso Choquecallata Cast

  3. Photo of Anastasia Daza López

    Anastasia Daza López Cast

  4. Photo of Rolando Patzi

    Rolando Patzi Cast

  5. Photo of Israel Hurtado

    Israel Hurtado Cast

  6. Photo of Elisabeth Ramírez Galván

    Elisabeth Ramírez Galván Cast

  7. Photo of Carlos Piñeiro

    Carlos Piñeiro Production Design

  8. Photo of Kiro Russo

    Kiro Russo Editing, Screenplay, Director Producer

  9. Photo of Pablo Paniagua

    Pablo Paniagua Editing, Producer Cinematography

  10. Photo of Pepo Razzari

    Pepo Razzari Sound

  11. Photo of Gilmar Gonzales

    Gilmar Gonzales Sound, Screenplay Producer