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  1. Photo of Ingemo Engström

    Ingemo Engström Director, Editing, Cast, and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Edda Köchl

    Edda Köchl Cast

  3. Photo of Ilona Schmit

    Ilona Schmit Cast

  4. Photo of Irene Witter

    Irene Witter Cast

  5. Photo of Klara Zet

    Klara Zet Cast

  6. Photo of Stefan Agathos

    Stefan Agathos Cast

  7. Photo of Lorraine Fernandez

    Lorraine Fernandez Cast

  8. Photo of Gerhard Theuring

    Gerhard Theuring Cast, Sound, and Editing

  9. Photo of Bernd Fiedler

    Bernd Fiedler Cinematography

  10. Photo of Lutz Hengst

    Lutz Hengst Producer