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  1. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Darkman

    A dark grotesque movie that mixes superhero stories with film noir was a direct response to the fact that Sam Raimi did not get the rights to do "The Shadow" as he wanted. Instead he made a "Phantom of the Opera" kind-of hero that uses masks to take down villains. It worked good as looks visually good and has plenty of inventive moments. A film that at least prepared Sam Raimi to make his "Spider-Man" trilogy later.

  2. Mr. Gumby's rating of the film Darkman

    This exquisite movie has lots of bizarre fun in all its naïve plot, full of good cinematic and adventure ideas. I felt like a little kid while watching it.

  3. Andre Flickatina's rating of the film Darkman

    im everywhere.... im nowhere.... im bruce campbell

  4. James Mackin's rating of the film Darkman

    A strange, but fun, early superhero movie. Feels like it should've been made in the 40s.

  5. corycorycorycory's rating of the film Darkman

    A very wonderful non-comic book comic book movie. I wish it didn't take me this long to see this.

  6. SlinkyLi's rating of the film Darkman

    90s camp at its most, from screenplay to composition to music. That said, it's as thin as we all wished we were back then and the effects hold up like a traveling funhouse.

  7. Mark O. Stack's rating of the film Darkman

    Liam Neeson's shifting accent creates maximum discomfort.

  8. SBERB's rating of the film Darkman

    me l'ero scordato completamente

  9. abyantama's rating of the film Darkman

  10. Dogukan4Ever's rating of the film Darkman

  11. Kelvin Thompson's rating of the film Darkman

    (2.5, maybe?) Absolute insanity; it's wonderful.

  12. Jason's rating of the film Darkman

    I throw my hands up in conciliatory defeat. You win, Darkman: I remain a child. I can only swallow something like this when it gleefully (and knowingly) lays waste to any vestige of seriousness. How can a movie so stupid, made for a glut of stupid people, somehow be so smart (not serious) about it? That's the Raimi family recipe. William Castle would have loved it, but would presumably not have been in on the joke.

  13. msmichel's rating of the film Darkman

    First time seeing the film since its release in 1990 and I found it underwhelming then and a relic now. Piss poor blue screen effects and logic gaps in the story nearly halt any enjoyment in Raimi's early studio film. Cast is under utilized with Larry Drake offering the only pleasure. Whatever happened to Colin Friels?

  14. emichan's rating of the film Darkman

  15. LuísMarques's rating of the film Darkman

  16. anarresti's rating of the film Darkman

    Visually interesting, this seems like a comic book character adaptation. And surprisingly, the comic books came after the movie. The dialogs and the scene intensity are not always up to the set up. But still there is a tragic quality about this character that has a classic touch. (Anti-)heros on revenge-mode are far from being new. But Watchmen stories (the deconstruction of it all) are rare. There's... one?

  17. T. J. Mesen's rating of the film Darkman

    Darkman is Raimi at his best. A master of the formal elements of genre, here using his inventiveness and perfect control of the tempo to create tension, enhance action scenes, and reflect upon the title character’s inner conflicts—his past, his humanity, and his descent into a man of many faces. It’s possible that after all these years, Darkman is still the best superhero film out there.

  18. Lucian Mirdita's rating of the film Darkman

  19. Tigrão's rating of the film Darkman

    Raimi seems to approach his films from the point of view of a child, or a young film student filled with the burning passion for cinema and all its imperfections. "Darkman" is a great film, drawing from classical influences such as Leroux or even the Beauty and the Beast myth, he creates a fantastic film, simple and cocky.

  20. Christopher M. Jones's rating of the film Darkman

    A lurid, twitchy tribute to Steve Ditko's Question comics and the hate-driven pulp vigilantes of the '20s, '30s and '40s. If you like the source material as much as I do you'll find a lot to dig about this film.

  21. film_lies101's rating of the film Darkman

    The problem with this movie is that it goes from dark & tragic to goofy & silly from scene to scene and it's fucking weird. Some of the effects are charmingly bad

  22. gloryofistanbul's rating of the film Darkman

    Raimi at his best, in the evil dead years

  23. Palmat's rating of the film Darkman

    A fun and zany pulp adventure filled with Raimi´s kinetic camera work and frantic pacing. The acting is a bit uneven due to some less than stellar dialogue but the script keeps things moving and the effect are kinda fun. The real star however is Elfman´s epic soundtrack.

  24. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Darkman

    **1/2. The film reminded me a lot of the Phantom of the Opera story. Good performances of Neeson, McDormand and Larry Drake. Comics-like special effects Raimi will use again in THE QUICK AND THE DEAD. A film to watch with your children. Already forgotten.

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