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Ratings & Reviews

  1. TheCentralRuhr's rating of the film Darkness Falls

    The opening credits could be a nice short film - sepia photographs burn and bubble, the analog physicality of film disintegrates into darkness, leaving behind floating amber ashes, the lingering spirit of dead myths. Likewise, this film feels somewhat like a dead myth, recognizing itself as such (through narrative parallels to a diagetic storybook) without wearing its self-awareness on its sleeve. (cont.)

  2. BernardoDiniz's rating of the film Darkness Falls

    I watched this in my cousin's house in a small family village, the lights were off. When the film ended, I had to go back home alone through the woods with almost no light. I entered my grandmother's house and went straight to bed. I looked at the mirror in the left part of the bedroom and I remember seeing a shape or something black, maybe I was dreaming or imagination, but this unknown film really did a trick on me