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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Drew Kelly's rating of the film Darkon

    I think the script could have been better, connecting more to the real-world struggles--but the genius of this doc is I think in the cinematography, which re-appropriates hollywood epic camera work and gives them new meaning: slow motion battle sequences are still tragic, yet because reality is what is so terrible, not the on-screen battle, etc. Is reality innately flawed, or is it the human character?

  2. Groovy Monster's rating of the film Darkon

    If there were half-stars I'd probably give this 3 1/2, but since there aren't I'll round it up to 4, mainly because I really dig docu's & also find the subject matter pretty interesting. Just wish it would have concentrated more on the actual world/phenomenon of LARPing itself, as opposed to largely focusing on two main individuals & their respective struggles for power within the LARP community. Still, fascinating.