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  1. Photo of Jorge Esmoris

    Jorge Esmoris Cast

  2. Photo of Carlos Frasca

    Carlos Frasca Cast

  3. Photo of Jorge Temponi

    Jorge Temponi Cast

  4. Photo of Arauco Hernández Holz

    Arauco Hernández Holz Cinematography

  5. Photo of Diego Fernández

    Diego Fernández Producer, Screenplay Director

  6. Photo of Gabriel Richieri

    Gabriel Richieri Producer

  7. Photo of Micaela Sole

    Micaela Sole Producer and Executive Producer

  8. Photo of Luís Urbano

    Luís Urbano Producer

  9. Photo of Sandro Aguilar

    Sandro Aguilar Producer

  10. Photo of Fernando Epstein

    Fernando Epstein Editing