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  1. Photo of Alfred Gulden

    Alfred Gulden Director

  2. Photo of Rita Nitsch

    Rita Nitsch Cast

  3. Photo of Herbert Gadenstätter

    Herbert Gadenstätter Cast

  4. Photo of Paul Renner

    Paul Renner Cast

  5. Photo of Leo Kopp

    Leo Kopp Cast

  6. Photo of Daphne Elektra Tsukalas

    Daphne Elektra Tsukalas Cast

  7. Photo of Giuseppe Zevola

    Giuseppe Zevola Cast

  8. Photo of Andrea Cusumano

    Andrea Cusumano Cast

  9. Photo of Hanno Millesi

    Hanno Millesi Cast

  10. Photo of Othmar Rychlik

    Othmar Rychlik Cast

  11. Photo of Clemens Gadenstätter

    Clemens Gadenstätter Music

  12. Photo of Peter Kubelka

    Peter Kubelka Music

  13. Photo of Simon Pironkoff

    Simon Pironkoff Music

  14. Photo of Thomas Platzgummer

    Thomas Platzgummer Music

  15. Photo of Alexander Kirscher

    Alexander Kirscher Music

  16. Photo of Arno Hey

    Arno Hey Music

  17. Photo of Hermann Nitsch

    Hermann Nitsch Screenplay and Cast