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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Brotherdeacon's rating of the film Dash Akol

    Perhaps my hopes were too high, caused largely from a Sadegh Hedayat story as source material; but unfortunately, Dash Akol (1971) held little interest either in historical Persian culture or generous storytelling. It reminded me of a middle-of-the-road spaghetti western, but without an ounce of mirth. The gender inequities were hardly commented upon, and the masculine braggadocio cum violence was too ever-present.

  2. Poena Damni's rating of the film Dash Akol

    A masterpiece by Kimiai, author of The Deer, this film is based on a story by the great S. Hedayat, starring the legendary B. Vossoughi, & set in the ancient city of Shiraz, birthplace of Hafez, with its magnificient architecture and its background of science, arts, & wine. This is a tale chivalry and ardent love, as if conceived from The Arabian Nights. Ends with a hearthbreaking duel and starts oceans of nostalgia.