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  1. Photo of Luis Buñuel

    Luis Buñuel Director

  2. Photo of Carlos Arniches

    Carlos Arniches Screenplay

  3. Photo of Antonio Estremera

    Antonio Estremera Screenplay

  4. Photo of Luis Alcoriza

    Luis Alcoriza Screenplay

  5. Photo of Janet Alcoriza

    Janet Alcoriza Screenplay

  6. Photo of Fernando Soler

    Fernando Soler Cast

  7. Photo of Alicia Caro

    Alicia Caro Cast

  8. Photo of Fernando Soto

    Fernando Soto Cast

  9. Photo of Rubén Rojo

    Rubén Rojo Cast

  10. Photo of Nacho Contla

    Nacho Contla Cast

  11. Photo of Amparo Garrido

    Amparo Garrido Cast

  12. Photo of Lily Aclemar

    Lily Aclemar Cast

  13. Photo of Álvaro Matute

    Álvaro Matute Cast

  14. Photo of Roberto Meyer

    Roberto Meyer Cast

  15. Photo of Conchita Gentil Arcos

    Conchita Gentil Arcos Cast

  16. Photo of Francisco Ledesma

    Francisco Ledesma Cast

  17. Photo of José Ortiz Ramos

    José Ortiz Ramos Cinematography

  18. Photo of Manuel Esperón

    Manuel Esperón Music

  19. Photo of Edward Fitzgerald

    Edward Fitzgerald Production Design

  20. Photo of Óscar Dancigers

    Óscar Dancigers Producer

  21. Photo of Carlos Savage

    Carlos Savage Editing

  22. Photo of Jesús González Gancy

    Jesús González Gancy Sound