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  1. Photo of Robert Florey

    Robert Florey Director

  2. Photo of Gladys Unger

    Gladys Unger Screenplay

  3. Photo of Garnett Weston

    Garnett Weston Screenplay

  4. Photo of William Hurlbut

    William Hurlbut Screenplay

  5. Photo of Anna May Wong

    Anna May Wong Cast

  6. Photo of Charles Bickford

    Charles Bickford Cast

  7. Photo of Buster Crabbe

    Buster Crabbe Cast

  8. Photo of Cecil Cunningham

    Cecil Cunningham Cast

  9. Photo of J. Carrol Naish

    J. Carrol Naish Cast

  10. Photo of Anthony Quinn

    Anthony Quinn Cast

  11. Photo of John Patterson

    John Patterson Cast

  12. Photo of Evelyn Brent

    Evelyn Brent Cast

  13. Photo of Philip Ahn

    Philip Ahn Cast

  14. Photo of Fred Kohler

    Fred Kohler Cast

  15. Photo of Guy Bates Post

    Guy Bates Post Cast

  16. Photo of Virginia Dabney

    Virginia Dabney Cast

  17. Photo of Gino Corrado

    Gino Corrado Cast

  18. Photo of Harold Hurley

    Harold Hurley Producer

  19. Photo of William LeBaron

    William LeBaron Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Edward T. Lowe Jr.

    Edward T. Lowe Jr. Producer

  21. Photo of Charles Edgar Schoenbaum

    Charles Edgar Schoenbaum Cinematography

  22. Photo of Ellsworth Hoagland

    Ellsworth Hoagland Editing

  23. Photo of Hans Dreier

    Hans Dreier Production Design

  24. Photo of Robert Odell

    Robert Odell Production Design