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  1. Photo of Peter Lilienthal

    Peter Lilienthal Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Joachim von Vietinghoff

    Joachim von Vietinghoff Producer

  3. Photo of Christoph Holch

    Christoph Holch Producer

  4. Photo of Al Ruban

    Al Ruban Cinematography

  5. Photo of Mario Fischel

    Mario Fischel Cast

  6. Photo of Walter Taub

    Walter Taub Cast

  7. Photo of Irena Vrkljan

    Irena Vrkljan Cast

  8. Photo of Eva Mattes

    Eva Mattes Cast

  9. Photo of Dominique Horwitz

    Dominique Horwitz Cast

  10. Photo of Torsten Henties

    Torsten Henties Cast

  11. Photo of Nikolaus Dutsch

    Nikolaus Dutsch Cast

  12. Photo of Gustav Rudolf Sellner

    Gustav Rudolf Sellner Cast

  13. Photo of Erika Runge

    Erika Runge Cast

  14. Photo of Sigrun Jäger

    Sigrun Jäger Editing

  15. Photo of Hans Gailling

    Hans Gailling Production Design

  16. Photo of Wojciech Kilar

    Wojciech Kilar Music

  17. Photo of Neidhardt Willerding

    Neidhardt Willerding Sound

  18. Photo of Ruth Gilbert

    Ruth Gilbert Costume Design

  19. Photo of Ulla Ziemann

    Ulla Ziemann Screenplay

  20. Photo of Joel König

    Joel König Screenplay

  21. Photo of Jurek Becker

    Jurek Becker Screenplay

  22. Photo of Hanns Zischler

    Hanns Zischler Cast

  23. Photo of Vladimir Weigl

    Vladimir Weigl Cast

  24. Photo of Franciszek Pieczka

    Franciszek Pieczka Cast

  25. Photo of Erik Jelde

    Erik Jelde Cast

  26. Photo of Renée Gundelach

    Renée Gundelach Executive Producer