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  1. Photo of Billy MacKinnon

    Billy MacKinnon Screenplay

  2. Photo of Elie Wiesel

    Elie Wiesel Novel

  3. Photo of Sarah Adler

    Sarah Adler Cast

  4. Photo of Joel Basman

    Joel Basman Cast

  5. Photo of Moris Cohen

    Moris Cohen Cast

  6. Photo of Rami Heuberger

    Rami Heuberger Cast

  7. Photo of Jason Isaacs

    Jason Isaacs Cast

  8. Photo of Stefan Kollmuss

    Stefan Kollmuss Cast

  9. Photo of Liron Levo

    Liron Levo Cast

  10. Photo of Ram Shweky

    Ram Shweky Cinematography

  11. Photo of Bernard Trontin

    Bernard Trontin Music

  12. Photo of Boris Bartholomäus

    Boris Bartholomäus Production Design

  13. Photo of Boaz Katzenelson

    Boaz Katzenelson Production Design

  14. Photo of Nicole Hoesli

    Nicole Hoesli Production Design

  15. Photo of Alberto Chollet

    Alberto Chollet Producer

  16. Photo of Urs Fitze

    Urs Fitze Producer

  17. Photo of Phil Gates

    Phil Gates Producer

  18. Photo of Clarens Grollmann

    Clarens Grollmann Producer

  19. Photo of Amir Harel

    Amir Harel Producer

  20. Photo of Fritjof Hohagen

    Fritjof Hohagen Producer

  21. Photo of Sophie Sallin

    Sophie Sallin Producer

  22. Photo of Samir

    Samir Producer

  23. Photo of Zehava Shekel

    Zehava Shekel Producer

  24. Photo of Richard West

    Richard West Producer

  25. Photo of Romed Wyder

    Romed Wyder Producer and Director

  26. Photo of Tunje Berns

    Tunje Berns Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Shail Shah

    Shail Shah Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Kathrin Plüss

    Kathrin Plüss Editing

  29. Photo of Dorothee Schmid

    Dorothee Schmid Costume Design