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  1. Photo of André Hugon

    André Hugon Director

  2. Photo of Jean Aicard

    Jean Aicard Screenplay

  3. Photo of Raimu

    Raimu Cast

  4. Photo of Antonin Berval

    Antonin Berval Cast

  5. Photo of Nicole Vattier

    Nicole Vattier Cast

  6. Photo of Milly Mathis

    Milly Mathis Cast

  7. Photo of Antoine Balpêtré

    Antoine Balpêtré Cast

  8. Photo of Jacqueline Laurent

    Jacqueline Laurent Cast

  9. Photo of Janine Borelli

    Janine Borelli Cast

  10. Photo of Robert Vattier

    Robert Vattier Cast

  11. Photo of Pierre Feuillère

    Pierre Feuillère Cast

  12. Photo of Frédéric Mariotti

    Frédéric Mariotti Cast

  13. Photo of Pierre Juvenet

    Pierre Juvenet Cast

  14. Photo of Paul Amiot

    Paul Amiot Cast

  15. Photo of Lucien Brulé

    Lucien Brulé Cast

  16. Photo of Armand Larcher

    Armand Larcher Cast

  17. Photo of Marcel Maupi

    Marcel Maupi Cast

  18. Photo of Georges Dorival

    Georges Dorival Cast

  19. Photo of Gaston Dubosc

    Gaston Dubosc Cast

  20. Photo of Fernand Flament

    Fernand Flament Cast

  21. Photo of Jacques Janin

    Jacques Janin Music

  22. Photo of Carlo Rim

    Carlo Rim Music, Screenplay