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  1. Maddie's rating of the film mother!

    an effective nightmare but about as incoherent as one

  2. jchandleroc's rating of the film mother!

    Angry, obtuse, slightly unpalatable, and severely lacking subtlety--Aronofsky's pretension is ultimately a fatal distraction that drains Jennifer Lawrence's outstanding performance of meaning. She initially provides the stamina and impetus for the film--but when she is finally broken, the film is also broken. It's like a story told by someone who loves the sound of his own voice.

  3. caddie's rating of the film mother!

    [3.5] Irritating. An interesting movie with (too) much allegory. We the people cause mother earth's sufferings from severe pains like Jennifer Lawrence is giving birth to her son. Relevant ideas to reflect upon but overall a bit confusing as I don't see the necessity for so much Biblical allegory.

  4. Theories Of Anxiety's rating of the film mother!

    the idea was so great and they overdid it..

  5. F/K's rating of the film mother!

    A breath of fresh air in this current cinema climate, might not be one of the most original films but something like this is needed now more then ever. Imagine a film made by the Spanish surreal master Luis Bunuel and the boundrey pushing Polish director Andrezj Zulawski: you get Mother!

  6. Atzin Ortiz González's rating of the film mother!

    A desperate cry of our times. So far this has been my best experience at the cinema in all of 2017.

  7. Aukse's rating of the film mother!

    2.5 not sure what to say. maybe overloaded. definitely disturbing. wouldn't watch for the second time.

  8. jose betancourt's rating of the film mother!

    En su centro, esta película tiene una historia sacada de un libro terriblemente cursi de algún imitador de Stephen King. La genialidad está en una delicada estructura que se ha montado sobre esta historia. Una película consciente de su contexto Hollywoodense, religioso y patriarcal. Una experiencia que tenía mucho tiempo de no vivir en el cine.

  9. dordairobert's rating of the film mother!

  10. Alex Pintică's rating of the film mother!

  11. Carlos Filipe Freitas's rating of the film mother!

    ... hollow at its core, embracing an implausible, nearly-surreal darkness that is inept and devoid of any sense.

  12. Madeleine Davis's rating of the film mother!

    don't worry darren, nothing a bit of on the nose exposition can't worm you out of

  13. Ицабелла Ађани's rating of the film mother!

    my friend buffy turned this into a comedy. i probably never had more fun in a cinema.

  14. bucharestaesthetics's rating of the film mother!

    2.75/5 Explores themes with great potential such as extreme artistic mania, the everlasting lack of privacy with our loved ones and after-effects of past trauma, but fails to keep them balanced and eventually leads to a very abrupt & unfinished last 30 minutes of the film, introducing new extreme, shocking elements which should’ve had their origins previously in the story. Decent, but inconsistent and unrealistic.

  15. Cinema Omnivore's rating of the film mother!

    6.6/10 my review:

  16. Echydo's rating of the film mother!

    Wrong on so many levels...

  17. Diego Ruscitto's rating of the film mother!

  18. Claudia Negrea's rating of the film mother!

    It's kinda hard for me to categorize this film as 'good' or 'bad'. Yes, Aronofsky went a bit far and his absurd approach made it appear hilariously unrealistic at some point, but on the other hand I think it fits ok, I wasn't disturbed by that. Yes, it could've been more subtle, but then again when was D.A ever subtle? Also, I think this could be a new type of horror that many are just conflicted with.

  19. ionu's rating of the film mother!

  20. Dada Kubin's rating of the film mother!

    A possible interpretation of this allegorical moving picture: the devil poet, or the narcissistic creator who takes the love and gives it to the audience because the love of the audience mediated by his poetry is the most valuable for him. That’s the essence of art in its pure form: as much creation as destruction. And mayhem, cannibalism, murder, uninvited guests, and getting kicked in the face.

  21. Diego Rodrigues's rating of the film mother!

  22. Ash's rating of the film mother!

    a terrifying & disturbing work of art.

  23. Murat Erdem's rating of the film mother!

    Ortada auter kalmayınca sinema seyircisi farklı bir şeyler üreten her yönetmene kurtarıcı umuduyla sarılıyor. Lakin Aronofsky o kişi mi tartışılır. Marvel evreninden bıkanlara bir nebze ilaç gibi gelebilir. Ama o beklenen sinemayı dönüştürücü güç bu filmde yok maalesef. 2.5 / 5

  24. érzéki's rating of the film mother!

    One of the best (and most disturbing) films I've seen in a long time.

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