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  1. swordofdoom's rating of the film Mother!

    The Anna Faris, Chris Pratt story?

  2. MGeo's rating of the film Mother!

    I found this to be a thoroughly enraging film made by a director whose work I admire a lot. I find it simultaneously hilarious, baffling, and rage-inducing how so many people can't agree on the symbolism. It is an edgelord's thesis on how terrible the Earth is, via baby's first biblical symbolism; THAT'S IT! This is what happens when a director who believes his own hype is given carte blanche.

  3. Rita Roque's rating of the film Mother!

    3.5/4 "I wanted to tell a movie from Mother Nature's point of view and talk about her love and her gifts and the way people ultimately cause her pain."

  4. ardna's rating of the film Mother!

    so tired of the biblical motifs and images of the man-creator and the woman-nature

  5. McMurphy's rating of the film Mother!

  6. Duarte Ferreira's rating of the film Mother!

    The definition of a mental rape... and for some reason I loved every second of it. Jennifer Lawrence gives the performance of her life here. And Aronofsky should be commended for making something that's simultaneously chaotic and focused

  7. Thayná de Paula's rating of the film Mother!

    Aronofsky's pedantry has gone too far this time. Making a woman suffer all along a movie doesn't necessarily mean it's art nor putting ridiculously obvious biblical references on it. Plus this is no "emotional roller coaster" it's just fucking annoyingly pretentious (and I never use this word to describe films, I hate it). Aronofsky-Lawrence for worst couple 2k17.

  8. Sara Castro's rating of the film Mother!

    2/3/4 stars. I don't even know. Definitely scarring.

  9. Lola Finch's rating of the film Mother!

    I had to take my glasses off in the cinema bc it was so horrible to watch.

  10. paul_quixote's rating of the film Mother!

    Loved this. Every performance was superb. Watching this movie made me continuously think strange and intense thoughts about people I love dearly. There's an outlier consensus forming that this movie is best viewed as a comedy, and while I think that's a bit much, I did find myself laughing unexpectedly throughout this. This perhaps has the best sound design of any movie I've seen. I look forward to watching again.

  11. Patricia's rating of the film Mother!

    Think about... Mother Nature, God, humanity, original sin, hope, promise of unconditional love.... very interesting visually and sound wise... truly a striking thought provoking film.

  12. María F. Guerrero's rating of the film Mother!

    It's uncomfortable to watch, not in the "this hits right in the spot" but more like "it's rubbing me in parts I'm not sure its supposed to but okay." I just wish Aronofsky would stop altogether from trying so hard to dig deep and push the audience to the limit when it's just shocking because there's too much shit being thrown at your face. But oh well.

  13. Joao Francisco Pinho's rating of the film Mother!

  14. Diego Ravazzolo's rating of the film Mother!

    What a return from Aronofsky. After the unwatchable Noah, the man came back with this movie blast! The apocalyptic and brutal scene of the home invasion is one of the best sequences in movies of the last years.

  15. Sean Patrick Stevens's rating of the film Mother!

    Visceral but i don't think symbolism ever really works. Comedy? Horror? Religious Allegory? They're all the same here! However, it is a glorious experiment of Fellini like proportions. Even if the concluding scenes may elicit a mix of groan/laughter in concluding the messily vague narrative, it's nice stunt, a surrealist gift given to a multiplex audience yet a 2nd draft could have made characters less ciphers.

  16. Ana Sousa's rating of the film Mother!

    When it comes to Aronofsky, we're way past "judging" his ability to make a captivating film. He will, at least, make something that will somehow manage to stay glued to your mind for a long, long time. Mother!, although, will stay in mine for all the wrong reasons. JLaw is turned into a fragile and helpless little bird that only remembers she can yell and kick everyone out of her house when her baby is born. (contd)↴

  17. captainfez's rating of the film Mother!

    Pottery Barn's look for this millennium: DARK AS FUCK.

  18. chanandre's rating of the film Mother!

    where's me bucket? what a pathetic despicable film. corny. nonsensical. Another entry for the basket of deplorable misogynistic male-gaze flicks. I'm done.

  19. A.B. II: The Return's rating of the film Mother!

    Compared with other "intellectual" horror films that have come out this decade, "Mother!" actually has more than it's share of unpredictable moments and thought-provoking sequences. And,'s still not very good. Aronofsky is fine at building the tension, but his trademark unrestrained style yields some highly ludicrous payoffs. Plus, Lawrence is off her game here, giving a disappointingly uneven performance.

  20. zohen lux's rating of the film Mother!

    this shit is bananas and i love it! i can picture my dude aronofsky sitting in front of his macbook proofreading the script while jacking off and shoving 5 unlit cigarettes up his ass, it's a metaphor you imbeciles

  21. Ulrich JARLØV's rating of the film Mother!

    Jesus Christ, it's so on the nose! I wish to God that someone would smash Aronofsky's goddamn nose with a fire extinquiser, Gaspar Noé style! I pray to Javier Bardem that someone will put Aronofsky in movie jail/movie purgatory - between Mother! and the equally god-awful Noah, he should never be allowed to make another movie!

  22. jeanlice's rating of the film Mother!

    after watching this film I had a dream of Aronofsky madly running around with a sledgehammer, wherein the sledgehammer is, yes, a metaphor for metaphors.

  23. H. Paul Moon's rating of the film Mother!

    Equal parts sound design, theology, environmentalism, and chamber drama. Though it appropriates horror film tropes, it's essentially a Biblical parable, reminding me of Lars von Trier's "Dogville," playing with the fragile line between vengeance and mercy from an omnipotent creator (whom you could call Mother Earth just as well). But, cinematographer Libatique: Steadicam, please. Let us concentrate on the good stuff.

  24. Leroy Martin's rating of the film Mother!

    oh man there is so much i like about mother! the sense of time, the intoxicating closeups to the immaculate sound design. was so entranced from the opening shot to the very last. i don't know why people are finding this offensive though, the biblical symbolism is so on the nose it's hard to take literally