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  1. Kamran's rating of the film Mother!

    An Explanation: After Nature and the Earth is destroyed, God remains unblemished, tends to Nature, and is inspired by Nature’s Love that it was not enough, he must try again, and Earth must be created anew. Rinse and Repeat. 79/100 - Very Good. (3.5)

  2. Stefano De Putti's rating of the film Mother!

    Seppur se ne potrebbe discutere molto, sia in positivo che in negativo, nel complesso mi ha soddisfatto. Una cosa va detta: probabilmente mi ha interessato più di quanto mi sia piaciuto

  3. Nuno Lopes's rating of the film Mother!

  4. Gia de Almeida's rating of the film Mother!

    This film gave me such anxiety. Of course the biblical and nature allegories are the most straight forward interpretations but there are so many interpretations for this, so many digs at society; religion; the artistic mind and creative process; patriarchy; inequality in relationships; worship of false idols... you name it, it's there. I can't think of a single bad thing to say about this film. I'm still rattled.

  5. João Vuvu's rating of the film Mother!

    And I thought i’ve seen bad movies

  6. CafeGradiva's rating of the film Mother!

    2,5 / powerful, violent, psychotic, confuse, and overrated

  7. Bambarambambam's rating of the film Mother!

    Confused between saying "what the fuck was that" or "very uncomfortable yet addictive movie experience, was so crazy ive never seen anything like this before"

  8. eccestefan's rating of the film Mother!

    the first half of the movie was somehow interesting, but then it got really confusing

  9. Mr.Rager's rating of the film Mother!

    With Mother! , the atheist Darren Aronofsky steps back again to the biblical theme, making an intelligent statement about the degradation of humanity and the fast dying of mother nature. The script is very well-written and the biblical allegories works perfectly within the story. The anxiety was very well pictured, by the director with his strange visual marks and by Lawrence with her best performence by date. 9.5/10

  10. spasmolytic's rating of the film Mother!

    It's a piece of art for sure, but in the Kenneth Anger, Jodorowsky way, which is cool, but it just isn't a real story, it's a parable. I get about as much joy watching this as I would reading Beckett.

  11. Assemism's rating of the film Mother!

    من أبشع ما رأيت في حياتي.. ربنا يخدك يا مدعي يابن الوسخة

  12. Karbon's rating of the film Mother!

  13. ryan brennan's rating of the film Mother!

    Aronofsky’s pace is always calculated and ever pressing. Each new frame is created to feel like its own nightmarish episode, accentuated by a violent, almost manic rhythm generated by the continuity of the editing. The cameras movement is transfixing and creates a hallucinatory quality throughout the film. Mother! is Aronofsky’s finest and most ambitious work since Requiem for a Dream.

  14. Zach Closs's rating of the film Mother!

    Sarah Kane's wounded deconstructions of perversion and ironically perverted fixation on malice, parabolic use of space, and flat-circle timelines are filtered through Żuławski's manic lens, with spectacularly disquieting POV camerawork bobbing and weaving with the isolated Lawrence in her finest performance to date. A distressing, yet singular experience; one to be greatly admired if not necessarily enjoyed.

  15. d4rk3d's rating of the film Mother!

  16. maria.'s rating of the film Mother!

  17. hyacinthtears's rating of the film Mother!

  18. sabbi irimiás esaú alzate botero's rating of the film Mother!

  19. lazyatom's rating of the film Mother!

    I'm still thinking about this film a day later. I can see why some might hate it, but I found it very compelling. Whether it's about human's despoiling of nature, or an artist's boundless narcissism, it's a hell of ride.

  20. Aardsy's rating of the film Mother!

  21. lkarus's rating of the film Mother!

    Like a half spin-off of The religion. There is no way to understand God's alleged mercy for human kind

  22. Sara Sousa's rating of the film Mother!

  23. Matt Richards's rating of the film Mother!

    The battle between the private and public selves; the unconstrained ego and it's self-destructive thirst for fame and recognition at all costs. Birth and creation, dissatisfaction and self annihilation. 3.5 stars

  24. Adam GR's rating of the film Mother!

    Nightmarish, surreal, I'll always love ellipses in time. Digesting it. It's pretty one note, and scorched, but it's assuredly symbolic and beautifully chaotic as a chamber piece. It definitely reaches an apex. Jennifer Lawrence is luminescent and tortured for it. I'm a fan of how Aronofsky and Libatique follow characters.