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Ratings & Reviews

  1. S Campbell's rating of the film Days of '36

    Once you get to grips with the pace and the long shot takes this is a small wonder of a film

  2. FISCHER's rating of the film Days of '36

    Une oeuvre politique solide, profondément dérangeante et dénonciatrice de certaines méthodes étatiques, qui laisse ouverte à bien des interprétations et des questionnements. Seule certitude, une insidieuse compromission de la plupart des rouages politiques du pays, glissant vers une radicale dictature militaire, avec une sournoise dilution des responsabilités.

  3. Stevie's rating of the film Days of '36

    Some of the sequences in the prison courtyards are extremely impressive but on the whole the film is pretty tedious and self-indulgent. Only for the Angelopoulos die-hards, this one.

  4. Justin Vicari's rating of the film Days of '36

    This is an evocative masterpiece. It's a clear ancestor of current problem films like Traffic or Syriana, where the problem itself is the "star" and the actors move brokenly in and out of our awareness. As such, it is fresh and sophisticated, unlike anything else I have seen from the early 70s. It is beautiful without being merely stylish, affecting without being melodramatic. Flawless.

  5. joey Noodles's rating of the film Days of '36

    How VERY disappointing, having been impressed VERY much by the three Angelopoulos films I had seen before this one I was expecting another very good film but I was left with a sour taste in the mouth. This is a bit embarrassing on Theo's part, a very novice attempt. At the beginning he ceases to explain who the speaker is, what at Sofiano's motivations etc. Maybe I should've known about the even but it made me angry.