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  1. Photo of Noa Bressane

    Noa Bressane Producer

  2. Photo of Rosa Dias

    Rosa Dias Screenplay

  3. Photo of José Tadeu Ribeiro

    José Tadeu Ribeiro Cinematography

  4. Photo of Fernando Eiras

    Fernando Eiras Cast

  5. Photo of Paulo José

    Paulo José Cast

  6. Photo of Tina Novelli

    Tina Novelli Cast

  7. Photo of Mariana Ximenes

    Mariana Ximenes Cast

  8. Photo of Leandra Leal

    Leandra Leal Cast

  9. Photo of Paschoal Villaboin

    Paschoal Villaboin Cast

  10. Photo of Isabel Themudo

    Isabel Themudo Cast

  11. Photo of Moa Batsow

    Moa Batsow Production Design

  12. Photo of Ronel Roberto Rosa

    Ronel Roberto Rosa Music

  13. Photo of Virginia Flores

    Virginia Flores Sound, Editing

  14. Photo of Daniela Aparecida Gavaldão

    Daniela Aparecida Gavaldão Costume Design

  15. Photo of Júlio Bressane

    Júlio Bressane Producer, Director, Screenplay

  16. Photo of Friedrich Nietzsche

    Friedrich Nietzsche Screenplay