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  1. Photo of Ana Delgado Martins

    Ana Delgado Martins Director

  2. Photo of Gabriela Delgado Martins

    Gabriela Delgado Martins Self

  3. Photo of Teresa Baptista

    Teresa Baptista Self

  4. Photo of São Pegado

    São Pegado Self

  5. Photo of Álvaro Baptista

    Álvaro Baptista Self

  6. Photo of João Paulo

    João Paulo Self

  7. Photo of Helder Fernandes

    Helder Fernandes Self

  8. Photo of Rogério Amorim

    Rogério Amorim Self

  9. Photo of Januário Silva

    Januário Silva Self

  10. Photo of Manuela Silva

    Manuela Silva Self

  11. Photo of Marta Pessoa

    Marta Pessoa Cinematography

  12. Photo of Armando Teixeira

    Armando Teixeira Music

  13. Photo of Jacinta Barros

    Jacinta Barros Producer

  14. Photo of Rui Simões

    Rui Simões Producer

  15. Photo of António Dos Reis

    António Dos Reis Producer

  16. Photo of Márcia Costa

    Márcia Costa Editing

  17. Photo of Paulo Cerveira

    Paulo Cerveira Sound

  18. Photo of Catarina Oliveira

    Catarina Oliveira Animation

  19. Photo of Sofia Ferreira

    Sofia Ferreira Animation