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  1. Photo of Liliana Cavani

    Liliana Cavani Director

  2. Photo of Claudia Mori

    Claudia Mori Producer

  3. Photo of Tonino Nieddu

    Tonino Nieddu Producer

  4. Photo of Fabrizio Zappi

    Fabrizio Zappi Producer

  5. Photo of Massimo de Rita

    Massimo de Rita Screenplay

  6. Photo of Mario Falcone

    Mario Falcone Screenplay

  7. Photo of Claudio Sabatini

    Claudio Sabatini Cinematography

  8. Photo of Fabrizio Gifuni

    Fabrizio Gifuni Cast

  9. Photo of Sonia Bergamasco

    Sonia Bergamasco Cast

  10. Photo of Mattia Sbragia

    Mattia Sbragia Cast

  11. Photo of Pamela Saino

    Pamela Saino Cast

  12. Photo of Andrea Tidona

    Andrea Tidona Cast

  13. Photo of Camilla Filippi

    Camilla Filippi Cast

  14. Photo of Toni Bertorelli

    Toni Bertorelli Cast

  15. Photo of Giselda Volodi

    Giselda Volodi Cast

  16. Photo of Ana Caterina Morariu

    Ana Caterina Morariu Cast

  17. Photo of Stefano Scandaletti

    Stefano Scandaletti Cast

  18. Photo of Costanza Sebastiani

    Costanza Sebastiani Cast

  19. Photo of Luigi Petrucci

    Luigi Petrucci Cast

  20. Photo of Alfredo Pea

    Alfredo Pea Cast

  21. Photo of Diego Ribon

    Diego Ribon Cast

  22. Photo of Roberto Accornero

    Roberto Accornero Cast

  23. Photo of Massimo Poggio

    Massimo Poggio Cast

  24. Photo of Achille Brugnini

    Achille Brugnini Cast

  25. Photo of Roberta Potrich

    Roberta Potrich Cast

  26. Photo of Massimo Quaglia

    Massimo Quaglia Editing

  27. Photo of Tonino Zera

    Tonino Zera Production Design

  28. Photo of Paolo Vivaldi

    Paolo Vivaldi Music

  29. Photo of Alessandro Lai

    Alessandro Lai Costume Design