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  1. Photo of Anne Claire Poirier

    Anne Claire Poirier Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Michèle Lalonde

    Michèle Lalonde Screenplay

  3. Photo of Liette Desjardins

    Liette Desjardins Self

  4. Photo of Clément Desjardins

    Clément Desjardins Self

  5. Photo of Josée Desjardins

    Josée Desjardins Self

  6. Photo of Francis Desjardins

    Francis Desjardins Self

  7. Photo of Vladimir Brotaneck

    Vladimir Brotaneck Self

  8. Photo of Monique Chabot

    Monique Chabot Self

  9. Photo of Victor Désy

    Victor Désy Self

  10. Photo of Lise Fortier

    Lise Fortier Self

  11. Photo of Nicole Germain

    Nicole Germain Self

  12. Photo of Hubert Loiselle

    Hubert Loiselle Self

  13. Photo of Jean-Claude Labrecque

    Jean-Claude Labrecque Cinematography

  14. Photo of François Séguillon

    François Séguillon Cinematography

  15. Photo of Pierre F. Brault

    Pierre F. Brault Music

  16. Photo of Guy L. Coté

    Guy L. Coté Producer

  17. Photo of Marc Hébert

    Marc Hébert Editing

  18. Photo of Ron Alexander

    Ron Alexander Sound

  19. Photo of Roger Lamoureux

    Roger Lamoureux Sound

  20. Photo of Sidney Pearson

    Sidney Pearson Sound

  21. Photo of Claude Pelletier

    Claude Pelletier Sound