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  1. Photo of Kees Brienen

    Kees Brienen Director, Cast Producer

  2. Photo of Desiree Duwel

    Desiree Duwel Screenplay

  3. Photo of Big Mama Amma Ongel

    Big Mama Amma Ongel Cast

  4. Photo of Geeta Prasaad Regmi

    Geeta Prasaad Regmi Cast

  5. Photo of Pala Bhutia

    Pala Bhutia Cast

  6. Photo of Raul Langa

    Raul Langa Cast

  7. Photo of Naresh Choowdri

    Naresh Choowdri Cast

  8. Photo of Kallu Sahani

    Kallu Sahani Cast

  9. Photo of Benito Strangio

    Benito Strangio Cinematography

  10. Photo of Martijn van Boven

    Martijn van Boven Music

  11. Photo of Elisa Miller

    Elisa Miller Production Design

  12. Photo of René Goossens

    René Goossens Producer

  13. Photo of Annemiek Van Gorp

    Annemiek Van Gorp Producer

  14. Photo of Menno Boerema

    Menno Boerema Editing