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  1. Photo of Phillip Noyce

    Phillip Noyce Director

  2. Photo of Charles Williams

    Charles Williams Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sam Neill

    Sam Neill Cast

  4. Photo of Nicole Kidman

    Nicole Kidman Cast

  5. Photo of Billy Zane

    Billy Zane Cast

  6. Photo of Rod Mullinar

    Rod Mullinar Cast

  7. Photo of Joshua Tilden

    Joshua Tilden Cast

  8. Photo of Dean Semler

    Dean Semler Cinematography

  9. Photo of Tim O'Connor

    Tim O'Connor Music

  10. Photo of Graeme Revell

    Graeme Revell Music

  11. Photo of Graham 'Grace' Walker

    Graham 'Grace' Walker Production Design

  12. Photo of Terry Hayes

    Terry Hayes Producer and Screenplay

  13. Photo of George Miller

    George Miller Producer

  14. Photo of Doug Mitchell

    Doug Mitchell Producer

  15. Photo of Richard Francis-Bruce

    Richard Francis-Bruce Editing