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  1. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Dead Calm

    If there was any doubt that Billy should have his last name (In-Zane) than you should see him as a psycho in this Australian trapped-on-a-boat with Billy thriller. Nicole Kidman was still a gorgeous redhead here and the excellent Sam Neill is her husband. It is a tense little film that deliver what it should even if it is a reimaging of "Knife in the Water".

  2. Michael Zyx MH Claes's rating of the film Dead Calm

    For KIDMAN fans, although much less enhanced than in Eyes Wide Shut. Hi to Sam NEIL, too soon gone. Billy ZANE at the top in nice & disturbed criminal.=== Pour fans de KIDMAN, encore qu'elle soit beaucoup moins mise en valeur que dans EWS. Salut à Sam NEIL, trop tôt disparu. Billy ZANE au top en criminel dérangé et sympa. 2,5/5

  3. Dogukan4Ever's rating of the film Dead Calm

  4. Bernardo_Rodrigues's rating of the film Dead Calm

  5. Igor Leoni's rating of the film Dead Calm

  6. J. O.'s rating of the film Dead Calm

    Although starting with an extremely simple concept, the result is intricate, beautiful, and above all tense. All performances were unique and thoughtful, the cinematography was superb, and the nighttime boat inferno was stunning. Overall a fantastic thriller.

  7. ramosbarajas's rating of the film Dead Calm

    It was well made and shot. The cinematography is beautiful. The director maintains the atmosphere excellently well through out. The beginning was, if anything, unnecessary. It does not add anything to the complexity of the characters. And the ending, as in the last one minute cheapened the effect, but it does not detract from enjoying the film.

  8. Westley's rating of the film Dead Calm

    Nicole Kidman is so damn sexy in this movie. I think she might be the perfect combination of sexiness and cuteness... The movie's pretty good too, by the way.

  9. gloryofistanbul's rating of the film Dead Calm

    Fine thriller,packed with great tension and superb cinematography

  10. lizle's rating of the film Dead Calm

    AAAAaaaahhhhh,back when Nicole and Billy were virtual unknown actors. Great Movie.

  11. virginwolf's rating of the film Dead Calm

    It was a 4 star movie right until the end!

  12. Christopher R. Smith's rating of the film Dead Calm

    Solid thriller from director Phillip Noyce, based on a novel by Charles Williams. Noyce does a great job of sustaining an atmosphere of dread through the film, and there are strong performances from Sam Neill, Nicole Kidman, and (surprisingly) Billy Zane. Nothing extraordinary, but an entertaining suspense piece.

  13. Joseph Wallace's rating of the film Dead Calm

    Ah, back when Nicole Kidman had facial expressions... This and 'To Die For' of course.