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  1. Photo of Roel Reiné

    Roel Reiné Director and Cinematography

  2. Photo of Brendan Cowles

    Brendan Cowles Screenplay

  3. Photo of Shane Kuhn

    Shane Kuhn Screenplay

  4. Photo of Mike Elliott

    Mike Elliott Producer

  5. Photo of Hybrid

    Hybrid Music

  6. Photo of Radu Ion

    Radu Ion Editing

  7. Photo of Christian Niculescu

    Christian Niculescu Production Design

  8. Photo of Danny Trejo

    Danny Trejo Cast

  9. Photo of Anthony Michael Hall

    Anthony Michael Hall Cast

  10. Photo of Dina Meyer

    Dina Meyer Cast

  11. Photo of Mickey Rourke

    Mickey Rourke Cast

  12. Photo of Richard Dillane

    Richard Dillane Cast

  13. Photo of James Carroll Jordan

    James Carroll Jordan Cast

  14. Photo of Catalina Grama

    Catalina Grama Cast

  15. Photo of Edward Akrout

    Edward Akrout Cast

  16. Photo of Ronan Summers

    Ronan Summers Cast

  17. Photo of Dan Badarau

    Dan Badarau Cast

  18. Photo of Radu Andrei Micu

    Radu Andrei Micu Cast

  19. Photo of Colin Mace

    Colin Mace Cast

  20. Photo of Miriam Rizea

    Miriam Rizea Cast