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  1. Photo of Yemane I. Demissie

    Yemane I. Demissie Director, Producer, Screenplay Editing

  2. Photo of Asfawossen Alemseged

    Asfawossen Alemseged Cast

  3. Photo of Americo M. Cicolani

    Americo M. Cicolani Cast

  4. Photo of Ayahalushim Hammond

    Ayahalushim Hammond Cast

  5. Photo of Mickey Macras

    Mickey Macras Cast

  6. Photo of Tewodros Mamo

    Tewodros Mamo Cast

  7. Photo of Inku Mary

    Inku Mary Cast

  8. Photo of Getachew Mekasha

    Getachew Mekasha Cast

  9. Photo of Alula Andemicael

    Alula Andemicael Cinematography

  10. Photo of Andrew Barkan

    Andrew Barkan Music

  11. Photo of David Mesfin

    David Mesfin Producer

  12. Photo of Blaine Sergew

    Blaine Sergew Producer and Screenplay

  13. Photo of Daniel Hamilton

    Daniel Hamilton Editing