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  1. Photo of Ralph Thomas

    Ralph Thomas Director

  2. Photo of Jimmy Sangster

    Jimmy Sangster Screenplay

  3. Photo of Richard Johnson

    Richard Johnson Cast

  4. Photo of Elke Sommer

    Elke Sommer Cast

  5. Photo of Sylva Koscina

    Sylva Koscina Cast

  6. Photo of Nigel Green

    Nigel Green Cast

  7. Photo of Suzanna Leigh

    Suzanna Leigh Cast

  8. Photo of Steve Carlson

    Steve Carlson Cast

  9. Photo of Virginia North

    Virginia North Cast

  10. Photo of Justine Lord

    Justine Lord Cast

  11. Photo of Leonard Rossiter

    Leonard Rossiter Cast

  12. Photo of Laurence Naismith

    Laurence Naismith Cast

  13. Photo of Zia Mohyeddin

    Zia Mohyeddin Cast

  14. Photo of Lee Montague

    Lee Montague Cast

  15. Photo of Milton Reid

    Milton Reid Cast

  16. Photo of Yasuko Nagazumi

    Yasuko Nagazumi Cast

  17. Photo of Didi Sydow

    Didi Sydow Cast

  18. Photo of George Pastell

    George Pastell Cast

  19. Photo of Dervis Ward

    Dervis Ward Cast

  20. Photo of John Stone

    John Stone Cast

  21. Photo of William Mervyn

    William Mervyn Cast

  22. Photo of Ernest Steward

    Ernest Steward Cinematography

  23. Photo of Malcolm Lockyer

    Malcolm Lockyer Music

  24. Photo of Alex Vetchinsky

    Alex Vetchinsky Production Design

  25. Photo of Betty E. Box

    Betty E. Box Producer

  26. Photo of Sydney Box

    Sydney Box Producer

  27. Photo of Alfred Roome

    Alfred Roome Editing

  28. Photo of Don Sharpe

    Don Sharpe Sound

  29. Photo of Yvonne Caffin

    Yvonne Caffin Costume Design

  30. Photo of Cynthia Tingey

    Cynthia Tingey Costume Design

  31. Photo of Kit West

    Kit West Special Effects