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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Deadline - U.S.A.

    Richard Brooks started his career working as a journalist so he knows what he's talking about when he depicts a newsroom. The characters are extremely well written with a special mention for the two feminine parts played by Kim Hunter and Ethel Barrymore. I also liked a lot the end of the film which can be considered as a happy ending or, in the contrary, as a pessimist finale. Booze, smoke and Bogey: a winning trio.

  2. FISCHER's rating of the film Deadline - U.S.A.

    L'opposition entre le roi de la pègre, Thomas Rienzi, et Ed Hutcheson, rédacteur en chef intègre d'un quotidien sur le point d'être revendu à un magnat de la presse ..... Excellent !

  3. Brotherdeacon's rating of the film Deadline - U.S.A.

    Deadline--USA was released during the Hollywood Blacklist when the fever of Anti-Communism ran roughshod over civil rights. Richard Brooks directed it as a defense of freedom of the press and a crime film which implicates the corruption of many public trusts. Humphrey Bogart carved a fine character as Ed Hutchinson, managing editor of The Day, a large city newspaper. Behind him

  4. ExperimentoFilm's rating of the film Deadline - U.S.A.

    WHILE THE CITY SLEEPS ripped this off something rotten.

  5. rllr's rating of the film Deadline - U.S.A.

    A newspaper shark with integrity walking around busily with his hands in his pockets; these are the 50s alright. Directed as tight as Bogie's return lines.

  6. Michael Harbour's rating of the film Deadline - U.S.A.

    The exemplar of newspaper movies.

  7. Christopher R. Smith's rating of the film Deadline - U.S.A.

    Humphrey Bogart is at his best in writer-director Richard Brooks' crackling newspaper drama. A taut, fast-paced crime story well worth seeking out for classic movie fans, even if the ending is a bit abrupt.