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  1. Photo of Colin Nutley

    Colin Nutley Director, Screenplay Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Kerstin Bonnier

    Kerstin Bonnier Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Maritha Norstedt

    Maritha Norstedt Producer

  4. Photo of Anna Fredriksson

    Anna Fredriksson Screenplay

  5. Photo of Johanna Hald

    Johanna Hald Screenplay

  6. Photo of Liza Marklund

    Liza Marklund Screenplay

  7. Photo of Jens Fischer

    Jens Fischer Cinematography

  8. Photo of Helena Bergström

    Helena Bergström Cast

  9. Photo of Örjan Ramberg

    Örjan Ramberg Cast

  10. Photo of Brasse Brännström

    Brasse Brännström Cast

  11. Photo of Reine Brynolfsson

    Reine Brynolfsson Cast

  12. Photo of Niklas Hjulström

    Niklas Hjulström Cast

  13. Photo of Pernilla August

    Pernilla August Cast

  14. Photo of Ewa Fröling

    Ewa Fröling Cast

  15. Photo of Maria Lundqvist

    Maria Lundqvist Cast

  16. Photo of Tomas Pontén

    Tomas Pontén Cast

  17. Photo of Peter Andersson

    Peter Andersson Cast

  18. Photo of Tomas Fryk

    Tomas Fryk Cast

  19. Photo of Jacob Ericksson

    Jacob Ericksson Cast

  20. Photo of Nina Gunke

    Nina Gunke Cast

  21. Photo of Gunilla Röör

    Gunilla Röör Cast

  22. Photo of Christer Fant

    Christer Fant Cast

  23. Photo of Perry Schaffer

    Perry Schaffer Editing

  24. Photo of Bengt Fröderberg

    Bengt Fröderberg Production Design

  25. Photo of Per Andréasson

    Per Andréasson Music

  26. Photo of Hedvig Andér

    Hedvig Andér Costume Design