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  1. Photo of Wes Craven

    Wes Craven Director

  2. Photo of Bruce Joel Rubin

    Bruce Joel Rubin Screenplay

  3. Photo of Diana Henstell

    Diana Henstell Screenplay

  4. Photo of Matthew Laborteaux

    Matthew Laborteaux Cast

  5. Photo of Kristy Swanson

    Kristy Swanson Cast

  6. Photo of Michael Sharrett

    Michael Sharrett Cast

  7. Photo of Anne Twomey

    Anne Twomey Cast

  8. Photo of Anne Ramsey

    Anne Ramsey Cast

  9. Photo of Richard Marcus

    Richard Marcus Cast

  10. Photo of Russ Marin

    Russ Marin Cast

  11. Photo of Charles Fleischer

    Charles Fleischer Cast

  12. Photo of Lee Paul

    Lee Paul Cast