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  1. Photo of Oliver Schmitz

    Oliver Schmitz Director

  2. Photo of Rainer Erler

    Rainer Erler Screenplay

  3. Photo of Thomas Gaschler

    Thomas Gaschler Screenplay

  4. Photo of Theresa Scholze

    Theresa Scholze Cast

  5. Photo of Sebastian Ströbel

    Sebastian Ströbel Cast

  6. Photo of Tony Kgoroge

    Tony Kgoroge Cast

  7. Photo of Susan Danford

    Susan Danford Cast

  8. Photo of Grant Swanby

    Grant Swanby Cast

  9. Photo of Moshidi Motshegwa

    Moshidi Motshegwa Cast

  10. Photo of Lida Botha

    Lida Botha Cast

  11. Photo of Patrick Lavisa

    Patrick Lavisa Cast

  12. Photo of Richard Farmer

    Richard Farmer Cast

  13. Photo of Robin Smith

    Robin Smith Cast

  14. Photo of Marius Weyers

    Marius Weyers Cast

  15. Photo of Martin Todsharow

    Martin Todsharow Music

  16. Photo of Jürgen Hebstreit

    Jürgen Hebstreit Producer

  17. Photo of Marian Redmann

    Marian Redmann Producer

  18. Photo of Andres Jauernick

    Andres Jauernick Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Mona Bräuer

    Mona Bräuer Editing

  20. Photo of Jochen Engelke

    Jochen Engelke Sound

  21. Photo of Wolfgang Herold

    Wolfgang Herold Sound

  22. Photo of Carsten Rojahn

    Carsten Rojahn Sound

  23. Photo of Julius Selbach

    Julius Selbach Sound

  24. Photo of Max Wanko

    Max Wanko Sound