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  1. Photo of William Friedkin

    William Friedkin Director

  2. Photo of Paul Brickman

    Paul Brickman Screenplay and Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Bernard Edelman

    Bernard Edelman Screenplay

  4. Photo of Chevy Chase

    Chevy Chase Cast

  5. Photo of Sigourney Weaver

    Sigourney Weaver Cast

  6. Photo of Gregory Hines

    Gregory Hines Cast

  7. Photo of Vince Edwards

    Vince Edwards Cast

  8. Photo of William Marquez

    William Marquez Cast

  9. Photo of Eduardo Ricard

    Eduardo Ricard Cast

  10. Photo of Richard Herd

    Richard Herd Cast

  11. Photo of Graham Jarvis

    Graham Jarvis Cast

  12. Photo of Wallace Shawn

    Wallace Shawn Cast

  13. Photo of Randi Brooks

    Randi Brooks Cast

  14. Photo of Ebbe Roe Smith

    Ebbe Roe Smith Cast

  15. Photo of Richard Libertini

    Richard Libertini Cast

  16. Photo of J.W. Smith

    J.W. Smith Cast

  17. Photo of Carmencristina Moreno

    Carmencristina Moreno Cast

  18. Photo of Charles Levin

    Charles Levin Cast

  19. Photo of Pepe Serna

    Pepe Serna Cast

  20. Photo of Wilfredo Hernández

    Wilfredo Hernández Cast

  21. Photo of John Davey

    John Davey Cast

  22. Photo of Miguel Pinero

    Miguel Pinero Cast

  23. Photo of Maurice Marsac

    Maurice Marsac Cast

  24. Photo of Joe Ross

    Joe Ross Cast

  25. Photo of Jonathan Terry

    Jonathan Terry Cast

  26. Photo of Robert Cornthwaite

    Robert Cornthwaite Cast

  27. Photo of Gwil Richards

    Gwil Richards Cast

  28. Photo of Kelly Lange

    Kelly Lange Cast

  29. Photo of Ken Letner

    Ken Letner Cast

  30. Photo of JoMarie Payton

    JoMarie Payton Cast

  31. Photo of Tony Plana

    Tony Plana Cast

  32. Photo of Betty Cole

    Betty Cole Cast

  33. Photo of John Hancock

    John Hancock Cast

  34. Photo of Helen Martin

    Helen Martin Cast

  35. Photo of Eddie Hice

    Eddie Hice Cast

  36. Photo of David Haskell

    David Haskell Cast

  37. Photo of Ray Manzarek

    Ray Manzarek Cast

  38. Photo of David Hall

    David Hall Cast

  39. Photo of Alex Colon

    Alex Colon Cast

  40. Photo of John Reilly

    John Reilly Cast

  41. Photo of James Staley

    James Staley Cast

  42. Photo of Stephen Keep Mills

    Stephen Keep Mills Cast

  43. Photo of Louis Giambalvo

    Louis Giambalvo Cast

  44. Photo of Robert Alan Browne

    Robert Alan Browne Cast

  45. Photo of Bradford English

    Bradford English Cast

  46. Photo of Jim Ishida

    Jim Ishida Cast

  47. Photo of Michael Yama

    Michael Yama Cast

  48. Photo of Judith Baldwin

    Judith Baldwin Cast

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