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  1. Photo of Sára Cserhalmi

    Sára Cserhalmi Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ferenc Pusztai

    Ferenc Pusztai Producer

  3. Photo of Judith Csernai

    Judith Csernai Producer

  4. Photo of Iván Márk

    Iván Márk Producer

  5. Photo of Miklós Paizs

    Miklós Paizs Screenplay

  6. Photo of Dániel Reich

    Dániel Reich Cinematography

  7. Photo of Gábor Divinyi

    Gábor Divinyi Editing

  8. Photo of János Derzsi

    János Derzsi Cast

  9. Photo of György Cserhalmi

    György Cserhalmi Cast

  10. Photo of Anna Györgyi

    Anna Györgyi Cast

  11. Photo of Emil Keres

    Emil Keres Cast

  12. Photo of Miklós Benedek

    Miklós Benedek Cast

  13. Photo of Pál Mácsai

    Pál Mácsai Cast

  14. Photo of Imre Csuja

    Imre Csuja Cast

  15. Photo of Zoltán Schneider

    Zoltán Schneider Cast